What Services Health and Safety Consultants Provide?

What Services Health and Safety Consultants Provide?

Health and Safety consultants provide a wide range of services to employers and organisations that improve the H&S standards of an organisation while complying with legal requirements.

These services generally start with an audit of your existing processes and procedures to give a clear picture of how well you are managing safety and recommend how you can improve by incorporating the best approach to health and safety management in your industry.

Additionally, your health and safety consultant will investigate where you may be liable from a statutory or civil perspective and provide an easy to use action plan that will outline priority areas.

The purpose of the health and safety audit is to identify the important areas where your organisation can improve its health and safety practices and processes followed by a sound plan to make your health and safety management a more efficient process.

Recommendations on best practices and useful tools will compliment your business practices, improve efficiencies and in many cases identify and remove duplication and avoid unnecessary clutter.  Use of a H&S Management System (operating manual) shows your dedication, commitment, and concern about the health and safety of your business and employees.

It is an effective tool to enforce regulations at the workplace and carry out training to get the maximum results. Regular reviews of your manual are important to keep up to date to ensure a safe and productive work environment.

Final note: Use a HASANZ registered professional.  This ensures your consultant is qualified and experienced to provide you with expert advice.

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