Salus Workplace Safety.

We’ll reduce your risk and make your workplace safer.

We have significant New Zealand experience in a wide range of industries from family owned to corporates. Our unique skillset allows us to anticipate worse case senarios and work backwards from there to ensure compliance and avoid the worst from happening..

We plan for the worst but expect the best by ensuring you know and meet Workplace Safety & Health obligations by providing practical solutions, supporting your business and co-ordinating the implementation process.

We are thoroughly conversant with WorkSafe expectations and the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 so that clients don’t have to be.

Making the complex simple

Sean’s delivery was spot on. He is confident  and knowledgeable, yet relaxed and has an ability to put important  information in a context everyone can understand.
Maurice Young, Principal of Marina View School

Just 5 Steps to Safety

Follow these simple 5 steps to check and improve the way you manage health and safety in the workplace

Know your responsibilities

Develop a Health and Safety Policy to show your commitment to a safe workplace. Make sure you identify what management will do and what your expectations of workers is, and remember under the new legislation (link) other people are responsible too, (such as delivery persons, contractors, visitors and customers, also have health and safety duties). Take care of your share of the responsibility that you can control.

Involve your workers

Talk to your workers and set up ways for them to be involved and contribute to decisions that may affect health and safety in the workplace.
Inform workers about hazards in their job and workplace as well as the requirements for health and safety in your business. Safe work procedures can be used as a training tool.
Ensure new workers are properly supervised and trained. Maintain records of skill competencies.

Identify, Assess and Control hazards

Find all the things that could cause harm to people at or near your workplace. Determine how serious these hazards are. Don’t wait for someone to have an accident or become ill.
Take action to fix the health and safety problems by finding ways to get rid of the hazards, or find ways to keep people safe from them.

Manage incidents and injuries

Plan to respond effectively to emergencies and reduce the impact of an incident/injury if it occurs.

Record, Review, Revise and Improve

Keep records of your health and safety activities so that you can monitor and review the health and safety performance of your business. The tools provided in this kit make it easy for you to start your record keeping system. Check what health and safety processes you already have in place. Review the steps you have taken to manage health and safety in your workplace. Improve and adjust your program to address any business or legislative changes.

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