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What is a PCBU?

PCBU is a relatively new term, and came about under the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 (HSWA), and is defined as a ‘person conducting a business or an undertaking’. It’s a broad concept used throughout the HSWA to describe all types of modern working arrangements, which we commonly refer to as ‘businesses’.

What is a Safety Management System?

This is your toolbox for managing safety and health in your operation, your employees and contractors and your premises. It needs to help you deal with hazard and emergency risk and to protect your people and your property.

What are Overlapping Duties?

Overlapping Duties ensures businesses work together for the health and safety of everyone in the workplace and is a fundamental part of HSWA’s design.

When two or more businesses are working together at the same location or through a contracting chain, they must work together to fulfil their duties of care.

Where those duties overlap, PCBUs need to consult, cooperate, and coordinate their activities to meet their health and safety responsibilities to workers and others.

How many people are harmed in the workplace every year?

1 in every 10 people each year are harmed in workplaces, on average 75 people die on the job, and 600-900 die from work related diseases each year.