Contractor Management

We will reduce your risk and make your workplace safer

Contractor management may be a simple conversation between a business and a one-off contractor (for example, a business engaging a contractor to install a piece of equipment). The parties should discuss the work that will be done, the risks involved (both at the workplace, and any risks created by the work) and how those risks will be managed. It is good practice to simply note what has been discussed or develop and exchange a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) for standard work. More formal documentation will be required for ongoing relationships, or where multiple businesses are involved, or complex or high risk work. We can help you select and develop the best process and the documentation needed such as:

Job Safety Analysis

Safety Plans

Contractor Management

Written agreements between the parties

Assessing what is needed and developing effective processes early will help to meet your obligations to Consult, Cooperate and Co-ordinate (3Cs) under the Health and Safety at Work Act.