Hazard Identification

Dealing With Health Hazards For the Auckland Harbour Bridge Repairs

‘I feel we are in a much stronger position than when the programme started.’

– Howard Snoad, Director

Salus developed and project managed our health and safety program for the very demanding Auckland Harbour Bridge clip-on lanes strengthening work which commenced in 2008 and recently completed in September 2010.

Our team were exposed to health hazards including working at height and in confined spaces, high temperatures, harmful chemicals and high noise levels. Solutions included specific training in height and confined spaces, changes to shift patterns, and installation of air ventilation and fume extraction systems. Our staff were blood tested regularly and processes improved resulting from this monitoring. Salus anticipated many of these challenges from the outset and together with providing the management systems, organized and coordinated the specialist training. Salus conducted regular safety inspections, attended management safety meetings and conducted toolbox meeting for staff.

We continue to use Salus to support project work and maintain a focus on safety in our engineering workshop. With our active health and safety meetings and the training that managers and staff have received, I feel we are in a much stronger position than when the programme started.