Health & Safety Audit

Sign FX Ensures high scores in health and safety audits and successful CPNZ certification.

Sign FX’s business takes its employees into dangerous places. Sometimes underground, sometimes high up. It’s very important that Sign FX staff remain safe at all times no matter where they are working. An ongoing relationship with Salus helps make sure of this.

To help Sign FX score high in Health and Safety and become CPNZ certified, Salus facilitated an internal audit to identify areas of need. Salus then helped put in processes that would improve the day-to-day Health and Safety.

Salus assisted Sign FX to introduce staff training, to help staff to think proactively about their safety. Salus also implemented a Job Safety Analysis system that is conducted at the start of each day. Regular safety meetings are held as part of this system to address safety issues that arise.

These checks and balances, as well as ongoing monitoring and improvement, ensure Sign FX scores high in Health and Safety and is now CPNZ qualified.

“Working with Salus and Sean is very easy. Sean is a pleasant guy who instils confidence and always responds promptly. He really knows what he is talking about and comes back with an answer or solution every time. I would recommend Salus to anyone wanting to improve their Health and Safety and keep their staff safe.”

Leanne Freeman