Maurice Young

Sean from Salus Workplace Safety continues to be a catalyst for the enhancement of Health and Safety Practices in our school.

Our school is settling back into a normal routine following Covid.  We felt that it was important to get the team back on track with our Health and safety processes so we arranged for Sean to review the past 2 years.  This covered our record-keeping, new hazards and risks, safe operating procedures and updating our documentation.  An important phase was meeting with our current Health and Safety committee to ensure they understood the legislation, their role, and expectations of themselves and others at our school.

Sean’s delivery was spot on. He is confident  and knowledgeable, yet relaxed and has an ability to put important  information in a context everyone can understand.

I’m confident we’re going in the right direction.

Wayne Zaloum

A large client introduced a contractor prequalification this year as part of their renewal process. We use a quality management system and the Collision Repair Association’s (CRA) health and safety program. There was a significant mismatch between the language used in the prequalification and our documentation.

The CRA’s consultant Sean McBride from Salus Workplace Safety interpreted the questions, matched our evidence to what was needed and explained the process along the way.

The outcome was excellent giving the assurance my contract is secure for the next 2 years. I am confident I will be able to manage the process in 2024.

Following on from this, my audit was undertaken by Impac, this was a three-hour audit of the workshop and documentation the latter was two and half hours in the office going over all aspects of our Health and Safety policy, asking to see documentation and then evidence of this.   With Sean’s input earlier on when putting all this together I got a full understanding on how to manage and  navigate our way through our Health and Safety Manual which has been invaluable.  This has given me the confidence to tackle any issue that is thrown at me (IT DOESN’T STRESS ME OUT ANYMORE).

Thanks, Sean, for your help

AJ Jawad

FM Concepts provide facilities management for a number of significant buildings in the Auckland CBD.

Annually Sean from Salus Workplace Safety carries out an assurance risk assessment for one of the building owners.  The audit reviews existing hazards and controls, new hazards and recommended controls, contractor compliance and building access controls.

The finished reports are always accurate and concise and provide a current risk profile for each building.  This ensures we are meeting our own internal KPIs and provides an independent assurance to the building owners.

Carol Mills

Without an external audit, it’s difficult to be certain you are sitting over and above simply compliant.

Sean’s visit was very thorough. He spent time reviewing both strengths and weaknesses and provided positive feedback that our efforts were paying off. I found Sean easy to get on with, straight to the point and he didn’t muck around. He wasn’t afraid to ask tough questions and he was fully prepared to listen to as well. It was a valuable visit and we will see Sean again.

Keiran Frost MD

I have had the pleasure of working with Sean and Salus since 2012 across three organisations most latterly at The Headwaters a Glenorchy based tourism operator.

Sean has been and continues to be an invaluable resource in keeping our businesses up to date, compliant and above all safe through his support and guidance on all things health and safety.

He brings a great depth of experience, knowledge and real world practicality to the day to day requirement of managing a dynamic and multi-faceted business.

A first rate communicator confident in coaching at Director level or on the job with the team on the frontline he has also played a role in dealing with the public when called upon to do so.

Pragmatic and solutions oriented Sean is no “clip board” health and safety professional.

An invaluable resource in helping us build our health and safety best practice from the ground up we continue to value his input and guidance now and into the future.

Vanessa MacDonald GM

“As a multi-national we are conscious of meeting its legal and social responsibilities. The new health and safety legislation signalled significant change in New Zealand and as a matter of course we used Salus to review our existing health and safety policy and procedures and ensure the business was meeting the new legal requirements. I was mindful that as officers, the directors I am part of, could now be held personally liable.
Salus reviewed our documentation, inspected the site for physical hazards and interviewed key staff. Salus provided a comprehensive audit report which was an independent assessment of our current position and included recommendations to meet the new legal requirements and improvements to our practices. It was important for the directors and senior executive to understand the practical implications of the legislation.”