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Trucks and Trailers is a business that requires a regular ACC WSMP audit. As a BP partner, they also have to undergo a BP audit on all their health and safety practices.

Salus works as a consultant on all Trucks and Trailers Health and Safety.

Recently Salus helped Trucks and Trailers with another successful ACC WSMP audit and guided them through their BP audit for the past three years.

Salus facilitated the development of a self-assessment audit, to help identify areas that need improvement. From there, an action plan was developed. This included refining policy processes, implementing ongoing training, and establishing health and safety procedures both internally and externally. Sean also helps Trucks and Trailers stay on top of changes in legislation, so they protect their team and their business.

“Sean has been invaluable to our company. He is approachable, down to earth, and has gone to great effort to really understand our business. It is truly impressive how thoroughly he knows the Health and Safety Legislation. Through his expertise we can trust standards are met with 100% reliance, both within the specifics of our trade and in the basic health and safety of our staff. I would recommend Salus to anyone requiring services such as theirs.”

Michael Keenhan – FC