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Hydroflow – leading with health and safety

Distribution company Hydroflow would never stock supplies or parts that aren’t safe to use and install. To support that focus on safety, they have specialist staff to provide in-depth training to their clients. It’s a key part of the way Hydroflow does business.

But what about the health and safety of their own team? Hydroflow called in Sean from Salus so they could be sure their processes were effective and all the compliances were met.

Sean did a risk analysis, health and safety audits and system checks. He examined Hydroflow’s reporting structures and auditing systems, and made recommendations for improvement. Because of Sean’s help, Hydroflow was able to quickly produce real-time data on their health and safety systems. His work had an immediate and positive effect.

“After Sean had gone through, we had a visit from WorkSafe. They came in like ‘good cop – bad cop’, had a hard look at us – and we passed easily. They even said we were better than most.”

Rob Dillon, Logistics Manager, Hydroflow

As part of his service, Sean also made a presentation to Hydroflow’s Board. This helped them understand that legally, board members and the business owner had the ultimate responsibility for the health and safety in their company.

Sean’s work at Hydroflow is ongoing. He continues to advise on all aspects of health and safety, so that the company is ready for any law changes.

“Sean was great to work with, and he’s not done yet. Whatever new regulations come in, he’ll help keep us compliant. And I passed his name on to a couple of other companies – they need Salus too.”

Rob Dillon, Logistics Manager, Hydroflow


Posted on

January 22, 2020