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Salus Workplace Safety and Compliance Ltd

Safety Systems

A safety management system is your toolbox for managing safety and health in your operation, your employees and contractors and your premises. It needs to help you deal with hazard and emergency risk and to protect your people and your property.

You will receive help to:

  • Plan and implement  safety and health initiatives
  • Record and report accidents and accident trends
  • Manage hazards in your workplace
  • Develop plans and train for emergencies

A toolbox is only as good as the person using the tools so we are there to assist you should on-site assistance be needed.

As a small business owner, the obligations and regulations surrounding H&S can be a daunting subject to tackle. Sean has been great at helping me focus on the important stuff, making it user-friendly and easy to understand. I'd ...

Richard Binns. Managing Director. RWB Communications Ltd.