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Property managers

As a property manager you run the risk of a heavy fine, or even imprisonment if you cannot prove you've: -

  1. ensured work is carried out safely and all foreseeable hazards are under control or minimised
  2. ensured any work carried out which is under your influence and control does not cause any harm to tenants, contractors or the  public 
  3. ensured qualified and competent people are hired to carry out any maintenance or  repair  services on the premises
  4. ensured everyone who may be affected by the work that is being carried out are informed and notified of potential hazards
  5. health and safety policies, procedures and standards in place.

Penalties for Non-Compliance

As of 4 April 2016 landlords and property managers are liable to 5 years' imprisonments, a fine up to $600,000 for individuals and a $3 million fine for companies if they're found negligent under the new Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.


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Under HSWA, a property manager could be defined as an officer and may have  a duty of care so far as is reasonably practicable, to ensure the health and safety of everybody involved with or affected by work on the property that you are responsible for.

As the property manager you will also have responsibility for the management and control of the property with the duty to ensure the property (if it’s a workplace) is without risks to health and safety

WorkSafe NZ website

Property managers and landlords should carry out risk assessments and investigations to determine the best way to manage health and safety risks using qualified Health & Safety Practitioners.

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