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Advise and Audit

How to Decide Whether Your Business Needs an Audit

The NZ Institute of Directors recommends that Boards arrange an annual audit of their Occupational Health and Safety Management System.

Audits provide the opportunity for a second set of eyes (usually those of a certified professional) looking over your business’s occupational health and safety system. An annual audit of your business may be a requirement as part of a preferred supplier agreement.

You can look at an audit like a doctor’s annual check-up. The audit may uncover problems that your business wasn't aware of, and knowing that the auditor visits once a year to take a close look at things keeps your business on its toes. Many supply agreements now state an annual audit by an independent organisation as a requirement. 

Reporting: Once finished the auditor prepares a short report stating whether the business has met the appropriate standard (normally AS/NZS 4801) and identifies any shortfalls. A corrective action plan will provide remedies for any deficiencies and opportunities for improvement. 

We can build a system based on AS/NZ 4801 (occupational health and safety management systems); we can review your current system or audit its effectiveness. 

Advice on Day to Day Activities:

You are often best placed to develop practical solutions in your industry. We can assist you with up-to-date references such as Codes of Practice and WorkSafe guidelines and legal updates. We can provide you with flexible, and motivational recommendations to help you make the most of health and safety knowledge within your organisation.

“It is truly impressive how thoroughly he knows the Health and Safety Legislation – through his expertise we can trust standards are met with 100% reliance, both within the specifics of our trade and in the basic health and safety of ...

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