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Salus Workplace Safety and Compliance Ltd



If one or more of your clients require contractor prequalification (CPNZ) in New Zealand and your health and safety isn’t up to standard you may risk losing their business.

Advise and Audit

Audits provide the opportunity for a second set of eyes (usually those of a certified professional) looking over your business’s occupational health and safety system.

Training and Courses

A workplace health and safety system is only as good as the people running it. That's why Salus offers flexible training options, so your staff knows what they're doing and are motivated to stick to the system.

Safety Systems

Making sure your workplace is safe and healthy for your staff and customers isn't just the right thing to do – it also makes great business sense. We'll help you plan tailored health and safety systems to protect your people, and save money on downtime, legal fees and your ACC levies.

“Sean was great to work with, and he’s not done yet. Whatever new regulations come in, he’ll help keep us compliant. And I passed his name on to a couple of other companies – they need Salus too.”

Rob Dillon, Logistics Manager, Hydroflow