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1 in every 10 people each year are harmed in workplaces, on average 75 people die on the job, and 600-900 die from work related diseases each year. That is just wrong! "My goal is to create a safer working environment where everyone in the organisation is taking responsibility for their own safety and the safety of others." - Sean McBride

Sean McBride, founder and Managing Director of Salus and is an experienced professional, certified management consultant and specialist in occupational health and safety with specific experience in risk assessment and risk management, audit, training, investigation and change management. His unique experience has been garnered from working for a large insurer in risk management and investigation and a multifaceted career in the New Zealand Police holding both investigative and management posts spanning 16 years.  Sean is passionate about balancing the needs of business, and the health and safety of employees for long term success and sustainability.

"My business is about people safety first. I set up this company to serve the community, and make working environments safer and healthier. Service is in my blood having started my working life as a career police officer. “ People count” is fundamental to my philosophy" - Sean McBride

"It is all too easy to simply expect employees to use their common sense. You and I know that people are the most important component of any business and yet talking about safety can be tough for some business owners. Importantly you and I know that having conversations with employees is the first step in showing you care, and people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care. I care about you and your business."

The new Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 carries maximum penalties of a  term of imprisonment of up to 5 years and a fine of up to $3M, placing a significant burden on company directors and officers (owners and managers). Generally these legal duties are not widely understood despite publications such as Good Governance Practices Guideline for Managing Health and Safety (Institute of Directors 2015). Doing nothing is no longer an option. Become familiar with these changes.  That is why we work alongside you as the business owner/manager and your key people. We will listen to your needs, and help you find solutions to your problems. As a first step we ensure you as the business owner and your management team actively promote people safety first. Together we achieve this by engaging in safety conversations. We identify the real dangers and real concerns in the business and jointly find solutions to reduce the risk of harm.

Salus Workplace Safety and Compliance Ltd., is New Zealand’s leader in safety management, providing guidance on the ground, safe systems of work, legal compliance, training and we place great value on our “Client Safety First” approach. Our approach means we consistently meet and exceed expectations. With over 20 years’ experience in work place safety /risk management we deliver customised Health and Safety solutions for businesses that are serious about reducing risk.

“Making sure your workplace is safe and healthy for your staff and customers isn't just the right thing to do – it also makes great business sense. Strong health and safety systems are crucial to keeping your people safe and protecting the future of your business”.

- Sean McBride

Whatever your business Sean can help you avoid costly down time, stay within OHS regulations and even save money on your ACC levies.

Programme Implementation ♦ Accident Investigator Risk Assessment ♦ Change Management ♦ Training and mentoring ♦ ACC WSMP ♦ CPNZ contractor prequalification

When not running the business, Sean’s recreational activities include masters hockey, dog walking, wine tasting, travel and photography.

Professional Associations

  • N Z Institute of Safety Management, member on the Auckland Executive (2014 - )
  • Member Institute of Management Consultants NZ.
  • BNI Metro (past president and leadership team member)


2017.  Tearfund Poverty Cycle Race raising funds to combat human trafficking.  

2016 to present.  Brothers in Arms.  Committing to meet a young person one-on-one, once a week, for at least one year.

Helping raise $20K for South Auckland Hospice was a highlight in 2013, as one of the BNI Metro Team.  In 2014 I joined the organizing executive team and  put my safety hat on as the Safety manager for the race to ensure both the competitors and the spectators were safe.  

Part of contribution, is giving and that’s why I’m involved in the Great Auckland Bedrace . The GABR is an annual event enabling charities to gain community and corporate involvement and support culminating in a teams race in the beautiful Auckland Domain. When the GABR kicked off in 2013, I was in a team from BNI Metro. The real joy of my involvement was helping raise $20K for South Auckland Hospice. Now I’m on the Executive and come race day will also be the event safety officer. 

“Sean was great to work with, and he’s not done yet. Whatever new regulations come in, he’ll help keep us compliant. And I passed his name on to a couple of other companies – they need Salus too.”

Rob Dillon, Logistics Manager, Hydroflow